Hannah Ball

Nicole and I met through a mutual friend. I’ll admit, I was very hesitant to start talking to her, as I haven’t been taught to trust a specialist without doctoral degrees... however, everything I have learned from Nicole I found to be accurate and true!

I was introduced to Nicole after complaining to my best friend of being unable to conceive for a year. My husband and I had been together for three years, no birth control, rarely using condoms...it made no logical sense to me that we hadn’t become parents. I started on a 20 week program with Nicole and to my utter surprise, conceived a child about 6 weeks in!! Nicole’s methods and knowledge have helped us start our family, AND she has encouraged me through hard times, helped to boost my self confidence, and become a friend! I’m so glad I met Nicole and started working with her!


Maria B.


"Nicole is a wonderful fertility coach. She helped me get through a lot. Not only did she coach me on fertility issues, but also on personal stress. Having her during my fertility treatment was awesome, not only did she help me balance my hormones, but she help me on my journey to IUI treatment. I feel that I got pregnant on my 2nd IUI because I had Nicole as a coach."

Brigette M.

"Nicole, has had great insight into what is going on with my body while recovering from a stressful pregnancy and postpartum. I'm alway exited to hear her recommendations in balancing my hormones. She can go into detail of exactly why my body is reacting the way it is, which empowers me to stay on track with knowing what is going on.   

"I really appreciate her honesty and straight forwardness. She doesn't beat around the bush when she tells me what I need to be doing. Which encourages and inspires me.   

"I can't recommend her coaching enough. If your looking to get pregnant she is your gal. Conventional options are not even comparable to the ease of the natural solutions Nicole offers."


Pamela G.


 "Since I've known Nicole, she has impressed me. Her knowledge of fertility and hormones is extensive and her desire to benefit the health of her clients is unending. Nicole is a lifelong learner and her passion for healthy living is seen in how she works with her clients to improve their lives. As an active listener, she takes in her client's needs and makes educated recommendations. I highly recommend Nicole Hegstad." 

Hannah F.


When you are looking for someone to help you with deeply personal things, you want someone who not only had put time and hard work into her business and education, but also who comes from a place of complete understanding. 

Nicole has put so much of herself into becoming what she knows women like her need. She understands things that people who haven’t walked in her shoes may not. She continually strives to learn more and implement helpful new things into her protocol for her clients. 

Nicole is someone who can help you understand more about about your body and your fertility because she has been where you are and has the knowledge and experience to support you.

Every client who has worked with me has gotten pregnant so far!

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