Welcome to Scrunchy Time!

 Scrunchy Time is a podcast/vlog that my very best friend and I started late in 2018. As you know by now I work with women struggling to get pregnant. B. Wild is a health coach for children's health. Together we're a force to be reckoned with!

Fun facts about the name Scrunchy Time: 

  • Crunchy is a term that refers to granola eating, barefoot meditating, clean eating hippies. 
  • Silky is a term that refers to following all of western medicine's advice and living the normal American lifestyle 
  • We wanted a name that incorporated both of these concepts because we utilize both of these approaches to health! Hence "Scrunchy"
  • We also LOVED the idea of putting our hair up and getting down to business! (Much like Violet Baudelaire if I might add ;) )

If you're a podcast person, grab a scrunchy, put your hair up and join us below for the latest episode of Scrunchy Time! 


Nicole Hegstad - Fertility Advocate

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