One-On-One Fertility Coaching

In years gone by women were taught to trust their instincts, to listen to their body, to pay attention when those alarm bells went off in her head. We lead gentle, simple lives raising our children, gardening in the earth, serving our husbands and parents when needed, making beautiful things with our hands and bodies. We poured into each other, we helped other women in need giving them our time, our concern, our words, our ear, food from our tables and medicine from our gardens.

Today there is a huge breakdown in communication between women, and we have done it to ourselves. We pick at each other, talk behind each other's backs and tear each other down. All the while, we know from experience that there is no force on earth as strong as a solid group of women who support each other and build each other up. 

I have designed my coaching programs to mirror that lifestyle of old, to come alongside you, a woman struggling with her body, fighting to create something beautiful. I take a whole lifestyle approach to healing your broken hormones. Together we address everything in your lifestyle from how you sleep to how you eat. I'll share supplements, advice and ways to change your mindset. I teach you how to build boundaries, set expectations and find supportive, sustainable relationships. 

I honor the course you are on and help you chart your way through the waters of infertility.

Fertile Friend 9

This program is best suited the woman who wants to balance her hormones and get her monthly cycle back on track. If your primary problem is painful periods or irregular cycles, this 9 session program will help you get those issues under control.

 With this program you get... 

- 9 One-on-one Coaching sessions

- The complete Emotion Clearing program as outlined below

- Access to the "From Clomid to IVF" Course

- The My Cycle Package

- My email for personal questions between calls

- Access to all of my pre-recorded educational videos

- Access to my client FB group

- 4 months of nutritional supplements


*Payment Options Available @ 300.00/Mo

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Fertile Friend 20

This program is best suited for the woman who's struggling to get pregnant and carry to term. If your main issue is getting that baby dust to stick, this 20 session program will help you get on the path to baby announcements and weekly belly pictures.

With this program you get...

- 20 One-on-one Coaching sessions 

- The complete Emotion Clearing program as outlined below

- Access to the "From Clomid to IVF" Course

- The My Cycle Package

 - My email for personal questions between calls 

- Access to all of my pre-recorded educational videos

- Access to my client FB group

- 8 months of nutritional supplements


 *Payment Options Available @ 300.00/Mo

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One-On-One Emotion Clearing

Sometimes, life gets really hard. Loved ones pass away, dreams that we have die, pets are put down, car accidents happen, we spill our coffee, we have to pay taxes and our garbage bags rip open halfway to the garage.

Our body processes emotions through a electro-magnetic meridian that runs through your entire body. When these traumatic events happen in our lives sometimes we can't process them the way we're supposed to and they can get stuck in our body. This happens if we already have an injury and then something stressful happens, or if we have a traumatic event and we have to process more than a couple of emotions at a time. In the first instance the emotion can get stuck where the injury is because that area is already compromised. In the latter incident the body will process a couple emotions and the rest will get stuck.

When these emotions get stuck they cause emotional pain, physical pain, damaged relationships, illness and stress. 

I even had a client who was able to conceive her first child 2 weeks after we began clearing her emotions. A bunch of them had been trapped in her uterus. After further questioning some of these were keeping her from conceiving and some had even caused her passed miscarriages.

Emotion clearing helps us identify what those emotions are, where they are stuck and when they got stuck there. Then we can clear that emotion and move on with life. 

I offer this service to all of my fertility clients. However, after seeing the life changing affects this has had on each of my clients, I wanted to open this up as individual sessions so that I can help as many women as possible clear their trapped emotions.

If you want me to clear your emotions you can sign up for my fertility coaching above, as it's included in that program, or you can click on the link below to schedule your first session...

Details about the Emotion Clearing Sessions

These are individual sessions and cost 20.00 / session.

After scheduling the session, you'll get an email with a video explaining all the details of how emotion clearing is done and further information of how it works.

I will do the emotion clearing at some point before our call on the day of our scheduled call.

The call lasts 60 minutes and we will talk about what I found and you can ask further questions about whatever you want to know more about.

I have had clients who only needed 2 sessions to clear all of their emotions, and I have had clients who needed 20 sessions. This is about doing this on your timetable. We can do as many or as little sessions as you want, and we can spread them out over time. You are in control of this schedule.

Schedule the session at a time when you can take it easy after the call. Sometimes it's no big deal, and sometimes you need to process the emotions and what you just learned about yourself.

20.00 / Session

Schedule an emotion clearing session

Stand Alone (No one-on-one coaching) Classes


From Clomid to IVF (Coming Soon on March 1st!)

You've wondered why fertility drugs aren't working for you.

You've wondered what modern medicine has to offer to help you through your infertility.

You've been told to see doctors but you don't like the answers you get when you do.

You've done everything your doctor said to do and NOTHING is working.

I made this class for you...

In this class you will learn the process of fertility drugs and treatments. You'll learn why it doesn't work for most women, and why I encourage all of my clients to take the natural route to Mommyhood.

Order today so you get the class delivered straight to your inbox on March 1st!

Order today for $47.00, to get it in your inbox on March 1st!

Mini Classes


Female Anatomy and the Endocrine System

In This Class I Outline:

  • The system that makes your hormones
  • How hormones are made
  • How your reproductive system works
  • The relationship between hormones and your physical body
  • And how your female parts work together

Order today for 11.00

The Homicidal Cycle

In This Class I Outline: 

  • What a Normal Hormonal Cycle is Supposed to Look Like
  • If your cycle is normal
  • When your period is supposed to show up
  • When you're supposed to ovulate
  • What is okay during your monthly cycle
  • And what are symptoms of a hormone imbalance

Order today for 11.00

Period Planning

In This Class I Outline: 

  • How to chart your cycle to achieve the best fertility
  • How to know if and when you're ovulating
  • How to track your cervical mucus
  • How to check your cervix
  • And why you would want to do all of the above.

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The My Cycle Package

If you're having trouble choosing which class you want, purchase all three at a great discounted price!

This package includes the following classes:

  • Female Anatomy and the Endocrine System
  • The Homicidal Cycle
  • Period Planning

Order today for 21.00

Free Quiz

A Free quiz to determine if you have a hormone imbalance


Do you have a hormone imbalance? 

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