Welcome to Scrunchy Time!

Scrunchy Time is a podcast/vlog that my very best friend and I started late in 2018. As you know by now I work with women struggling to get pregnant. Brigette May is a health coach for children's health. Together we're a force to be reckoned with!

Fun facts about the name Scrunchy Time: 

  • Crunchy is a term that refers to granola eating, barefoot meditating, clean eating hippies. 
  • Silky is a term that refers to following all of western medicine's advice and living the normal American lifestyle 
  • We wanted a name that incorporated both of these concepts because we utilize both of these approaches to health! Hence "Scrunchy"
  • We also LOVED the idea of putting our hair up and getting down to business! (Much like Violet Baudelaire if I might add ;) )

If you're a podcast person, grab a scrunchy, put your hair up and join us below for the latest episode of Scrunchy Time!

(You can also find the podcast by searching "Scrunchy Time" on your favorite podcast platform)

Episode 10 - Oral Health

Join us today while Brigette shares all her amazing info on Oral health!

Episode 9 - Today's Guest: Hannah Fellows

Motherhood, pregnancy loss, postpartum support, anxiety and depression...just a few of the highlights from today’s episode! Join us as we interview our friend, Hannah E. Fellows, a blogger who’s passion to show love and support to mothers has blossomed from her own journey through postpartum grief and anxiety. 

Find out more about Hannah: www.hannahefellows.com 

Instagram: @hannahefellows

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hannahefellows/

Twitter: @HannahEFellows1

Episode 8 - New Course Announcement

 Join us today while Nicole announces her new course From Clomid to IVF. If you struggle with why fertility drugs and treatments aren't working for you, or why natural is always better, this is the class for you! Check out today's episode for a thorough introduction to the course! 

Episode 7 - How Stress Affects our Children

join us today as we discuss stress how it affects our children, and what we can do about it to help the next generation.

Episode 6 - A Safe Home

What does a safe and toxic free home look like?

Join us today to find out!

Episode 5 - Boundaries

We talk a big game about being who you want to be and doing what you want to do and making the world your oyster and all that jazz. However, if you can't make a boundary there's not a lot that separates you from everyone else.

Join us today as we discuss what Boundaries are, how to make them and why they're important.

Episode 4 - Environmental Toxins

Toxins here...

Toxins there...

Toxins everywhere...

Join us today while we talk about environmental toxins and where they're hiding in your life.

Episode 3 - Cloth Pads and Diapers

Almost everyone has heard about cloth pads and diapers now, but did you know there are actual health benefits to using them?

Join us today while we talk about why and how to use more cloth in your life.

Episode 2 - Earthing,; What it is, How and Why to do it

If you feel like you're doing everything right, but still missing that one thing, it's probably earthing! 

Join us today while we discuss earthing, what it can do for you and why you should include it in your daily routine!

Episode 1 - Our Stories, and what got us here...

Join us for our Introduction Episode! Check it out if you're interested in our stories and how we got here. 

This episode is a little longer than future episodes will be, but it's totally worth hearing the crazy story that got us to today!

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