One-On-One Emotion Clearing

What is Emotion Clearing?

Sometimes, life gets really hard. Loved ones pass away, dreams that we have die, pets are put down, car accidents happen, we spill our coffee, we have to pay taxes and our garbage bags rip open halfway to the garage.

Our body processes emotions through a electro-magnetic meridian that runs through your entire body. When these traumatic events happen in our lives sometimes we can't process them the way we're supposed to and they can get stuck in our body. This happens if we already have an injury and then something stressful happens, or if we have a traumatic event and we have to process more than a couple of emotions at a time. In the first instance the emotion can get stuck where the injury is because that area is already compromised. In the latter incident the body will process a couple emotions and the rest will get stuck.

When these emotions get stuck they cause emotional pain, physical pain, damaged relationships, illness and stress. 

I even had a client who was able to conceive her first child 2 weeks after we began clearing her emotions. A bunch of them had been trapped in her uterus. After further questioning some of these were keeping her from conceiving and some had even caused her past miscarriages.

Emotion clearing helps us identify what those emotions are, where they are stuck and when they got stuck there. Then we can clear that emotion and move on with life. 

I offer this service to all of my 6 month program clients. However, after seeing the life changing affects this has had on each of my clients, I wanted to open this up as individual sessions so that I can help as many women as possible clear their trapped emotions.

If you're ready to release the trauma of the past so that you can heal and move forward scroll down for a list of options.

Details about Emotion Clearing Sessions ...

On the day of your scheduled appointment be sure to hydrate well. Just like when you get a massage and work all the toxins out of your muscles this process can dehydrate you and you need water to keep everything flowing.

I will test and clear your emotions before we get on the phone. This way our phone time will only consist of talking about the emotions and I won't have to take up an extra hour of your time while I talk to myself. (just picture me winking here)

Once we hop on the phone I'll start by answering any questions that you still have and then I'll share everything I found with you. I will also send you a link to a Google Doc with all of your results once our phone call is over. The phone call usually lasts about 30 minutes depending on what kind of questions you have and how many trapped emotions I found.

Then we end by discussing what steps you want to take going forward and that is the end of the session.  

If you have any further questions feel free to reach out to me, otherwise you can check out the different packages below to see what fits your needs.

1 Session

Complete Emotion Clearing

5 Sessions


You just want to try emotion clearing to see if it works.

Start by scheduling one session ... I promise you'll fall in love!


1 Session

5 Sessions

Complete Emotion Clearing

5 Sessions


You know that this is exactly what you need and you're ready to jump in with both feet!

You can purchase a package of 5 sessions for the price of 4! 

Simply purchase from the link below and I'll reach out to you within the next business day to schedule your sessions and get you on the road to being emotionally free!


5 Sessions

Complete Emotion Clearing

Complete Emotion Clearing

Complete Emotion Clearing


 I can never guarantee how many sessions it will take for a client to be completely emotion cleared. Some have taken as little as 3 sessions while others have taken up to 20. With the Complete Emotion Clearing package, you get 1 session a week until you are completely cleared. Then you get 1 session a month for a year, from your purchase date, to keep up with any emotions that may be lagging behind. 

If you're looking for a complete detox and cleanse when it comes to your emotions, this is the package for you.

You can purchase this package by following the link below. I'll reach out to you within the next business day to get your sessions scheduled. 


A year of emotion clearing