I Am A Certified Health Coach

I graduated from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition in November of 2019.

IIN is the number one Health Coaching program in the United States. It was here that I learned the importance of bio-individuality.

Every person is different and unique. We have generations of health history, culture and lifestyle impacting our health in this moment ... and this moment ... and this one too.

I learned to view each client as their own person and with that came the education for how to treat a myriad of different situations, backgrounds, emotions and health issues. While nutrition, water and sleep are a solid foundation with which to start balancing your hormones, they cannot make up for the individualized approach I offer through one-on-one coaching.


I Have Studied Herbalism

I finished the International Open Academy's Master Herbalist Course in March of 2019. 

While I would not claim to be an Herbalist or to be certified in Herbalism, I have done extensive studying on the topic. I've taken this course as well as several classes from Aviva Romm and Barbara O'Neil.

Herbs are essential. They address health in ways that regular food cannot even touch ... and that's saying something!

God created herbs so that we could gain the condensed power that we need to address things like illness, inflammation, digestion, immunity and yes even infertility! After I address lifestyle and nutrition my next stop is always to the medicine cabinet where I suggest and discuss the herbs that may help you on your path to mommyhood.


I Am A Fertility Advocate

 I finished Nicole Jardim's Fix Your Period Apprenticeship Program in the summer of 2018. 

Nicole Jardim, also known as 'The Period Girl', is known worldwide for helping women with her "Fix Your Period" course. I discovered her apprenticeship in the spring of 2018 and signed up to find answers for my own infertility.

It was here where I learned answers to all my questions. Nicole was able to address concerns and confusions I'd had for years about my cycle and why my body was doing ... THAT

By the time I graduated from her apprenticeship I was able to combine what she'd taught me with my previous health coaching experience and began to work on my own hormones. 

I also knew that I had to share this knowledge with other women who were also struggling with infertility. Over the following months I created a program that impliments not only how to fix your period, but also how to achieve peak fertility and nurture a sustainable womb so that my clients can get pregnant and carry to term.


I Am A Certified Health Coach

I graduated from Dr. Sear's Wellness Institute in the Spring of 2018. 

This was my very first start towards my health coaching career and though I went on to attend IIN, I learned a lot from Dr. Sears.

It was here that I learned the importance of nutrition, water and exercise. With an emphasis on fruits and vegetables Dr. Sears laid the ground work for all the education that came after this certification. 

In the end I find myself continually returning to the basic concept that God has created everything we need to fix our health issues. We don't need to create medications. We don't need to alter our bodies. We simply have to return to the basic foundation that whole food is good for us, water cleanses us, the earth grounds us and fresh air inspires us. If we have this solid foundation AND we impliment it in our lives good things are sure to come.

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