These bios are always weird to do and hard to write. I always want to start them off like: 

"My names Nicole and I like long walks in the rain" ... nope! That was a different website for a different time.

Or the third person effect:

"Nicole has attended The Institute of Integrative Nutrition where she earned her coaching certification and blah blah blah." ... Yeah, that's lame.

Or how about the dramatic effect (imagine deep voice trailer guy):

"In a world where infertility affects 14% of women we bring you a Fertility Advocate!" ... This one could be fun though right? I could be the superhero fighting hormone imbalances and emotional traumas.

In the end, however, it's probably just best to stick to the most basic and straightforward version I can.

So ... Hi! I'm Nicole and I'm a Fertility Advocate and this page is dedicated to the story of how I got here.


Aww! Look at those kids! We were so young! Don't we look happy?

Good! Because we were exhausted! You would never know, would you? Weddings are exhausting, man! They're crazy affairs that cost a ton of money and bring a lot of drama to the table! 

Thankfully, we made it through relatively unharmed ... and actually married!

Sometimes I look back on this picture and I think 'if I could only tell you'.

If I could have a chat with her, oh the things I would say! 

1) You're not going to get pregnant this year ... but you will next year.

2) When you miscarry, it is NOT your fault.

3) The doctors won't be able to tell you what's wrong. Mostly because they won't be listening to you and they'll discount half your symptoms as ovulation. Do NOT get frustrated!

4) What you think a good wife is has NOTHING to do with being a good wife. STOP judging yourself!

5) Quit your job. NOW! 

But, alas I can't go back, and you know what? That might be okay.

Because if I could give the newly married Nicole all of my advice from today she would impliment it and she wouldn't have to go through all those horrible lessons that I had to go through. 

She wouldn't have seen doctor after doctor who brushed her off.

She wouldn't have had 4 miscarriages.

She wouldn't have struggled with finding boundaries and herself and her voice.

She wouldn't have walked in my shoes so she may not have found the answers I've found and so I might not be able to tell her my secrets by the time she got to be me ... it's one of those circular time travel paradox things.

So here I sit content with where I am, and trying to figure out how best to describe that.

When I got tired of the doctors not having answers for me, and I'd seen like 6-8 of them, I decided that there had to be answers and that I was going to find them. I knew something was wrong with my body, despite the fact that the doctors kept telling me nothing was. I knew that there had to be a way to fix my irregular periods, acne, fatigue, anxiety, painful sex, weight gain I couldn't lose, and infertility. 

And guess what! I fixed it! 

Well, most of it. I'm still working on the weightloss, but I'm on the right track, and now I seem to be able to concieve but am having trouble carrying to term. I mean, hey! We're all a work in progress right?

My point is that I knew my body was speaking to me and I set out to be my body's advocate. I stepped to the plate with the biggest bat I could find and I said 'let's do this!' and then I did it. Me and my body, together, figured it out and came to terms with what I needed.

And that's why I do what I do. Because I want to help you come to terms with your body too. I want to help you find the answers that you need to fix your list of issues and I want you to walk away with a baby from our experience together.

So when I say "Hi! I'm Nicole and I'm a Fertility Advocate" what I'm really saying is "I've been where you're at and I'm here to help you move forward because I know that you feel stuck and need serious help."


Hannah Ball

Nicole and I met through a mutual friend. I’ll admit, I was very hesitant to start talking to her, as I haven’t been taught to trust a specialist without doctoral degrees... however, everything I have learned from Nicole I found to be accurate and true!

I was introduced to Nicole after complaining to my best friend of being unable to conceive for a year. My husband and I had been together for three years, no birth control, rarely using made no logical sense to me that we hadn’t become parents. I started on a 20 week program with Nicole and to my utter surprise, conceived a child about 6 weeks in!! Nicole’s methods and knowledge have helped us start our family, AND she has encouraged me through hard times, helped to boost my self confidence, and become a friend! I’m so glad I met Nicole and started working with her!


Maria B.


"Nicole is a wonderful fertility coach. She helped me get through a lot. Not only did she coach me on fertility issues, but also on personal stress. Having her during my fertility treatment was awesome, not only did she help me balance my hormones, but she help me on my journey to IUI treatment. I feel that I got pregnant on my 2nd IUI because I had Nicole as a coach."

Brigette M.

"Nicole, has had great insight into what is going on with my body while recovering from a stressful pregnancy and postpartum. I'm alway exited to hear her recommendations in balancing my hormones. She can go into detail of exactly why my body is reacting the way it is, which empowers me to stay on track with knowing what is going on.   

"I really appreciate her honesty and straight forwardness. She doesn't beat around the bush when she tells me what I need to be doing. Which encourages and inspires me.   

"I can't recommend her coaching enough. If your looking to get pregnant she is your gal. Conventional options are not even comparable to the ease of the natural solutions Nicole offers."


Pamela G.


 "Since I've known Nicole, she has impressed me. Her knowledge of fertility and hormones is extensive and her desire to benefit the health of her clients is unending. Nicole is a lifelong learner and her passion for healthy living is seen in how she works with her clients to improve their lives. As an active listener, she takes in her client's needs and makes educated recommendations. I highly recommend Nicole Hegstad." 

Hannah F.


When you are looking for someone to help you with deeply personal things, you want someone who not only had put time and hard work into her business and education, but also who comes from a place of complete understanding. 

Nicole has put so much of herself into becoming what she knows women like her need. She understands things that people who haven’t walked in her shoes may not. She continually strives to learn more and implement helpful new things into her protocol for her clients. 

Nicole is someone who can help you understand more about about your body and your fertility because she has been where you are and has the knowledge and experience to support you.

Every client who has worked with me has gotten pregnant so far!

My Training and Certifications

* I am a certified Health Coach

I graduated from Dr. Sear's Wellness Institute in the Spring of 2018.

I graduated from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, the number one Health Coaching program in the United States, on November 12th, 2019.

* I am a Fertility Advocate

I finished Nicole Jardim's Fix Your Period Apprenticeship Program in the summer of 2018.

* I have completed a Master Herbalist Course

I finished the International Open Academy's Master Herbalist Course in March of 2019, and have done extensive self study in the area of alternative medicine and herbs.

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